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What we do

Environmental Consulting

BGI Resources Limited has unrivalled experience in performing multi-disciplinary studies in onshore and offshore environments.  We have suitable tools for seabed/onshore environmental data acquisition, analysis and interpretation.  We offer premium environmental consultancy services to the oil and gas sector as well as private and public corporations in the areas of:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment;

  • Post Impact Assessment Studies;

  • Environmental Site Assessment Studies;

  • Seabed Sampling/Baseline Surveys;

  • Waste Management;

  • Environmental Sensitivity Index mapping;

  • Geographic Information System;

  • Environmental Compliance Audit;

  • Health Risk Assessments;

  • Effluent Monitoring;

  • Air Quality Monitoring;

  • Socio-economic/Cultural and Health Studies.

  • Environmental Modelling; and

  • Closure and Post Closure Monitoring; 

We prepare comprehensive environmental impact assessment reports, as well as specialised analysis of air quality, water, soil and socio-economic impacts that allow the optimisation of project objectives, while accommodating environmental constraints and sensitivities in onshore and offshore environments.  Our experienced team of environmental scientist, socio-economic experts, engineers, medical, public health and statistical professionals quantify the environmental and health risks associated with various project activities/operations and develop strategies to minimise/mitigate the risks.

Data Acquisition

BGI Resources Limited is committed to acquiring accurate and legally defensible environmental data.  We adhere to regulatory requirements with strict chain-of custody protocols employed to ensure the validity of analytical data.  We go to the archives to reveal what was in existence, we use remote sensing techniques to establish the present environmental status, subsequently verifying and upgrading the developed baseline data through fieldwork activities.

Data Interpretation

BGI Resources Limited uses the latest data processing techniques to assemble, process and present the vast volumes of environmental data often required to define site conditions.  Experienced environmental scientists, engineers and as well as other professionals review the tabular or graphical data presentations to interpret the impact of site conditions and to formulate analytical methods to evaluate solutions.

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